Artist Lights The Way For Making Victorian Lampshades

Roseville, California
The first time Mary Maxwell saw a Victorian lamp shade, she was hooked. It was the most incredibly gorgeous thing I had ever seen, recalls Maxwell, an artist and founder of Heart Enterprises, Victorian Lampshades designs, kits, and instructional DVDs.
I had to know how to make them, I was driven, that was in 1972.

Since then, Maxwell has become the Nations Premiere Designer of and has sold hundreds of her beautiful Victorian lamps to clients across the United States and through out the world.

Each shade is meticulously hand-sewn using imported silks, velvets and other fine materials and decorated with rosettes, vintage trims and beaded fringe to complete the beautiful beaded lamp shade design.

By 1990, Maxwells work which sells for an average of $750 for a completed lamp & shade saw such demand, that she decided to create a series of 3 instructional videos, now-(DVDs) to teach step by step the techniques for making lamp shades.
All you need is basic sewing skills, and with Maxwells instructions you can create a family heirloom yourself.

The beginner program How to Make is 75mins. And walks the viewer thru the entire process of making a Victorian lampshade.
This technique is for all sizes and styles and you can make many lampshades with just this instruction. The next program is How to Make Victorian SUGAR Shades and Other Advanced Techniques. This Advanced program is also 75 mins. and does not repeat anything from the Beginner program. The 3rd program is
How to Restore Traditional Style Lampshades. 65 mins. and a completely different way of recreating the Bell or Drum, or Italian style lampshades that have an inside stretch lining. Maxwells programs are the only ones that teach the art of hand sewing these beautiful lampshades, quality is built to last. Maxwell is available for your questions via email to or sign up for her free newsletter thru the website

In addition, Maxwells work has been showcased in numerous magazines, and books, including, Victorian Homes , Romantic Country, Victorian Decorating magazine, and on the Discovery Channel- Creative Living and the Christopher Lowell home show. Maxwell was nominated as Craft Designer of the Year in 1997 .

For your convenience, she has available many Ornate Lampshade Frames, Bead Fringes, or complete lampshade KITS, plus and bridge lamps. To see her selection visit her online store.

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