Fair online shopping

Online sellers are having accounts at many online shopping sites. They list their items for sale at most of their online stores. However the formula for profitable online selling is still a mystery.

Now why is this profitable selling so important and crucial for the online sellers.

These online auction sites have charges, the seller is subject to many charges like

(i) the final value charges,

(ii) the payment gateway charges for receiving money.

(iii) the listing fees. some sites charges money for listing items in the online store.

If the sellers does not want to cheat the buyer, he would want to sell his items at the MRP.

Have you ever wondered why there are many price comparison sites. Visit one and check the price for the same items is different for different sellers.
There is no such thing as a free lunch sounds fine to many. There is an exception to this. Online betting is where you can find them…

It may be different for the same seller offering at different sites.

Why is that so? because the sellers is trying to recover the charges from you.

So how does the sellers be fair with its buyers and still get more profit?

It sounds like two ends of the candle.

Well here is how.

What if I told you that —- (i) list an items at the actual MRP and (ii) you will get more than your MRP when the items gets sold.

That will make online sellers fair to their buyers as well as make them profitable. Because when they get more than their MRP, this excess amount will be take care of the charges (partially or fully) and thus enabling you to make maximum net profit out of your sales.

By listing your item at the actual MRP you are being fair to your buyers. They will always prefer buying again from you. So you are generating buyer loyalty, which every seller expects, you can also get word of mouth which every seller expects and also you have a reason to engage the buyers who are following you at various social networks.

When you do that you can also expect faster sales as more the buyer traffic more is the sale and faster is the sale. Every one is concentrating on SEO means for getting traffic but neglecting on this fair price method from the sellers. With so many price comparison sites sellers themselves are struggling to get clicks form buyers for their listings.

Now when you get more over your MRP when the items gets sold, it ensures that you get more profit from your sales.

Yes that happens at bestebazaar.com. Its a site where sellers are fair to their buyers and yet earn more net profit out of their online sales.

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