Dog Flea Products Would Be Best For Their Lifestyle And Their Pet

The problem most owners have is selecting which dog flea products would be best for their lifestyle and their pet. There is much to consider, such as the age and weight of the pet, how often the medication is given, and how the medication is given. Some methods of dog flea prevention are simpler than others. Some methods are more labor intensive. It’s all a matter of personal preference once the facts are understood.

Some of the oldest methods of dog flea prevention have become antiquated. And it is easy to see why. Few people purchase dog collars any more. They were the simplest to use, but also have proven to be the least effective methods of dog flea prevention. Another antiquated method is the flea bath. Most pet owners have come to understand that the method doesn’t last long enough or perform well enough compared to the time and effort exerted to complete the task. In addition, it is a messy job that leaves the pet and owner soaking wet in most cases.

Some of these newer forms of prevention have really caught on. Many people are turning to pills for flea control products. The benefits of using pills is that it is far less messy than giving a bath. It is easy to use, since the dog simply eats the pill. The pills can be given to puppies as young as four weeks and as light as two pounds. On the down side, some people don’t like the hassle of giving the medicine as often as it needs to be given. Depending upon the brand, some have to be given daily, some have to be given weekly, and some are given monthly. Some pet owners forget and can’t maintain the routine, thereby negating any effects the pills would have.

What has grown to be the most popular form of dog flea prevention is the topical application. It comes in a one dose container that is squeezed between the dog’s shoulder blades. The natural oils in the dog’s coat circulate the medicine to cover the entire coat.

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