Dr Follorio A Cosmetic Artist At Work

Dr Michael Florillio belongs to Rockland country native and has grown up in west Nyack, NY. He graduated from Clarks town South High School in 1983. Dr florillio graduated top class from Chicago Medical School.

He graduated as a general surgeon Stated Island University Hospital and is board certified in general surgery. He also gained a fellowship in Plastic Surgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He is board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr Florillio has over 20 articles to his credit, a textbook chapter and a book. He has been a Plastic Surgeon practitioner from the year 1998 in Rocken and Bergen Counties.

Affiliated to many local and well known hospitals including Good Samaritan, Nyack Hospital, Hackensack Hospital, Valley Hospital and Pascack Valley Hospital.

He has also served as a Fight Doctor for boxing in New York state working in many championship fights at Madison Square Garden and Atlantic Square. Also shows like The Howard Stem show and MSG Network have featured him. Also international channels like Fox News, Good Morning America ,The Doctors, and The View. With A list celebrities as his clients ,he is a well respected figure within the industry . The stars of shows like The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Mob wives line up to him for treatment and cosmetic surgical advice.

He is also behind the genesis of the Lumique medi spa which gives various treatment options to explore the beauty of your body and various diverse ways in which it can be enhanced .Whether a scar or a repair everything has solution at this medispa. Even unwanted inches of fat can be removed without any operation, a bloodless and non anaesthesia procedure. After taking the treatment you can head home and get back at your schedule. It has a five star ambience, a spa like treatment for all its patients, the lights , the colours and of course the treatment done by Dr Florillio can rejuvenate and heighten your pleasure and make it an experience to remember just like attending a Normal Spa.

A man of his work , Dr Florrilo is an artist and perfectionist at his work. Ofcourse redesigning someones face or beautifying that scared spot or still making your curves look perfect requires the imagination of an artist who can paint and draw to perfection. His imaginations, attentiveness and care works wonders and bring out the best surgical results for his patients.

A visit to the Dr Florillo at his Lumnique Medi spa will definitely help illuminate your thoughts about beauty and perfection and eliminate those feeling of doubt and negativity.

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