Connect To Important Locations At Vatika Lifestyle Homes

Vatika Lifestyle Homes is another gem by the leading realty developer Vatika Group. Some words that would be best suitable to this project are chic, contemporary and excellent. These words have been used for the project for various reasons.

First reason is its superior location. The project has been strategically placed in Sector 83, Gurgaon. People nowadays rarely get time and while buying a home their preference is a convenient location from where they can reach important places just in minutes. Life here is comfortable due to its excellent connectivity to important destinations. Well-known food joint Haldiram’s is just at one kilometers distance, Rajiv Chowk is nearly six kilometers away and Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) is just at a few-minutes-drive distance by car. Besides these other places of importance such as schools, markets, malls, hospitals and recreational zones are also just at five-to-ten-minutes-drive away. Once you start living here, you will proudly tell people your new address which will be ‘Vatika Lifestyle Homes, Sector 83, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122001.’

In order to offer Indian residents a place, where they feel as if they are living in Singapore, the developer has designed the condominiums here in Singapore style which are further accompanied by modern amenities. Constructed on a (G+15) structure, these multi-storeyed apartments are well lit and ventilated. For these flats have well-placed balconies, residents here will be able to enjoy mesmerizing views of green landscapes around the residential complex. As far as choices are concerned, home buyers can opt for three bedroom apartments in varied sized which vary from 1277 square feet to 2086 square feet respectively. Some of the abodes are available on original bookings, while some can be purchased at resale prices too. Each apartment here is Vastu compliant, due to which residents here will get positive vibes from every corner of their home.

As site of this project is surrounded by lush greens and it also has tree-lined entrance, residents and bystanders here can enjoy nature’s bounty. For the convenience of the residents and visitors, ample parking space has been provided both at the surface and basement levels. You can keep yourself slim and trim by spending time in a fully equipped health club, modern gymnasium with latest exercise tools and by running on jogging tracks. At this gated community residents can feel completely safe and secure due to round-the-clock multi-tier security system. Residents here can buy goods of daily needs such as vegetables, milk and other grocery items from retail spaces within the complex.

Just type ‘Vatika Lifestyle Homes, Gurgaon’ in search bar of any search engine and for sure you will be surprised by the high number of search results you get. This is because the project is so popular due to its design equivalent to international standards, state-of-the-art amenities, serene environment and immaculate specifications.

Best Golf Cart Accessories

If you have gone through the trouble of purchasing a golf cart, you are more than likely going to want to personalize it with accessories. Which accessories you will choose will depend on what you are using the cart for (i.e. playing a round of golf or is it your primary mode of transportation). Therefore, this article is going to discuss three potential golfing cart accessories that you may want to check on.

The first accessory that we will discuss is the golf cart’s wheel and tires. Nowadays, there are many styles of wheels (from chrome to shiny aluminum) that will fit everyone’s sense of style. In case you are wondering, we recommend wheels made from steel and chromium as these tend to be the most durable wheels in the market today.

Another accessory, which is often overlooked, is the type of golf cart seat covers you have. You can choose seat covers (ranging from carpet to leather) which will simply amaze you with their durability and comfortableness. In fact, there are even options available now which have a seat heater built in. As you can imagine, the seat heaters could come in extremely useful when the weather turns a little cooler.

A third accessory which many people also forget about is changing out the golfing cart’s windshield. Nothing says that you have to keep the original, plain windshield. In fact, if you want to get a different windshield, the choices really are endless. As a few examples, windshields can match the color of your cart, can be either curved or straight, and some even have built in sun shades.

If you are going to buy a cart, we highly recommend you check out these three golf cart accessories. If you buy any of them, you can be assured that your cart will assume a customized look.


Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club hosts rap superstar Keith Harris of the Black Eyed Peas at it VIP welcome ceremony.

PUERTO PLATA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (March 28, 2012) – Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club (LHVC), located in Puerto Plata on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, was pleased to be visited by pop superstar Keith Harris of the Black Eyed Peas. When Harris and his wife Brandee arrived along with the rest of the guests at the welcome ceremony, Harris joined the local LHVC band for a spontaneous performance, punctuating the start of the stay with an upbeat vibe and some world-class tunes.

“It was a privilege to have Keith with us on property and in the beautiful North Coast of our country,” said Yohani Casilla, Director of Sales and Marketing for Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, who toured the couple during their visit. “It was wonderful for our members and guests to see him play here.”

Harris and his wife, a dancer for the group, came to LHVC to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Harris not only serves as the drummer for the colossally successful Black Eyed Peas, but also composer and musical director. Harris himself has won three Grammy Awards since the band’s creation in 1995 and has worked to help produce music with the likes of Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Mariah Carey. The Black Eyed Peas is highly regarded for its upbeat, often political, hip hope style, dance floor hits and meaningful, political lyrics. The band has sold over 56 million records worldwide to date and is one of only a handful of musical groups to hold concurrent number one and number two chart slots on the Billboard Hot 100 song listing.

Located in a welcoming, storm-free area of the Dominican Republic, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has been raising the bar for travel clubs since its founding in 1995. Guests and their families have a plethora of fun activities available to partake in while staying at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. The resort itself is within walking distance of the renowned Ocean World Adventure Park which hosts daily dolphin shows and a casino. Other activities in the immediate area include a cable car ride to the top of Mount Isabel de Torres, white water rafting, monster truck safaris, horseback riding, deep sea fishing, boating, snorkeling, miles of pristine, picturesque beaches and city tours of adjacent town of Puerto Plata.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club can be contacted at: Player Cofresi

57000 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Telephone: 809-970-7777 Fax: 809-970-7465 Press contact: Kathy Hernandez & Associates, or (809) 970-7777.

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Artist Lights The Way For Making Victorian Lampshades

Roseville, California
The first time Mary Maxwell saw a Victorian lamp shade, she was hooked. It was the most incredibly gorgeous thing I had ever seen, recalls Maxwell, an artist and founder of Heart Enterprises, Victorian Lampshades designs, kits, and instructional DVDs.
I had to know how to make them, I was driven, that was in 1972.

Since then, Maxwell has become the Nations Premiere Designer of and has sold hundreds of her beautiful Victorian lamps to clients across the United States and through out the world.

Each shade is meticulously hand-sewn using imported silks, velvets and other fine materials and decorated with rosettes, vintage trims and beaded fringe to complete the beautiful beaded lamp shade design.

By 1990, Maxwells work which sells for an average of $750 for a completed lamp & shade saw such demand, that she decided to create a series of 3 instructional videos, now-(DVDs) to teach step by step the techniques for making lamp shades.
All you need is basic sewing skills, and with Maxwells instructions you can create a family heirloom yourself.

The beginner program How to Make is 75mins. And walks the viewer thru the entire process of making a Victorian lampshade.
This technique is for all sizes and styles and you can make many lampshades with just this instruction. The next program is How to Make Victorian SUGAR Shades and Other Advanced Techniques. This Advanced program is also 75 mins. and does not repeat anything from the Beginner program. The 3rd program is
How to Restore Traditional Style Lampshades. 65 mins. and a completely different way of recreating the Bell or Drum, or Italian style lampshades that have an inside stretch lining. Maxwells programs are the only ones that teach the art of hand sewing these beautiful lampshades, quality is built to last. Maxwell is available for your questions via email to or sign up for her free newsletter thru the website

In addition, Maxwells work has been showcased in numerous magazines, and books, including, Victorian Homes , Romantic Country, Victorian Decorating magazine, and on the Discovery Channel- Creative Living and the Christopher Lowell home show. Maxwell was nominated as Craft Designer of the Year in 1997 .

For your convenience, she has available many Ornate Lampshade Frames, Bead Fringes, or complete lampshade KITS, plus and bridge lamps. To see her selection visit her online store.

New American Artist – Nicholas Chistiakov

Nicholas Chistiakov is a emerging North-American contemporary artist and painter working with diverse media. He began painting in 1990-ies and actively working in the present. His creative oeuvre is a vivid reflection of modernity, an artistic response to our time. In his works he uses variety of subjects, ranging from mythic figures to epic seascapes. He explores painting in a multiple ways, utilizing styles ranging from photorealist painting to almost abstract. He is restricting himself from naturalist vision of reality in favor of abstract artistic goals. For him any subject is an interplay of form, shadow and light. His painting are often images of biomorphic semi-abstracted figures isolated in the painterly space. His art is a personal reflection of important events of our time. He seeks for an iconic imagery that represents modernity. Events of 9-11 left a specific trace on his art. Man’s tragedy and suffering are the main subjects for many of his works. Such works as “The Midday Suicide” is an iconic interpretation of wasted life, possibly very relevant to understanding of lives of those female suicide bombers whose actions are widely known and have a great impact on the way we perceive life and death in present time. Everything might be over in the fraction of seconds. Humanity don’t have a control of a fragile life no longer. Phenomenon of momentary death is an extremely important for the painter. Sometime he uses depictions of known people in his art, he has created a series of portraits of screaming and exploding George Bush, an artist’s vision for what was happening in day of September 11 2001. Artists seeking for his own language, he concludes that contemporary art should search for different methods and forms than art of the past. Old masters indeed great, their art is belongs to the history, but modernity require different vision, methods and approaches. His art is extremely influenced by photography. Modern media greatly affected the process of painting. While taking his subjects directly from photographs, artist restricts himself from copying photographs exactly – his art often is an abstracted blurred interpretation of photography. Epic landscapes and seascapes are characteristic for his oeuvre as well – he see the nature as an eternal entity which is the connection of past, present and future. Artist actively using color in his art. His photo-based paintings are often monochromatic, while figurative paintings are often use bright palette and almost primary colors. His art is not likely associated with the pop culture, this is rather depiction of subjects of everyday life, common and familiar to everyone. He seeks for a greatness of unimportant, rather unnoticed. He puts reality at the different angle. He finds the moments in the daily routine which is important and might be timeless. He is often able to capture time itself – in the complex game of strokes of paint we observe the years of life, from the beginning to the end, from the cradle to the grave.

Artist Opens Audio Engineering School

Stephen Devassy, a musical arranger, composer, performer, and educator at his audio engineering school, is well known to mix his music with contemporary and classical styles. His style can be compared as a collage of music across the continents, centuries, and genres. He is also well known as an enchanting stage performer, music arrangement innovator and original composer. Stephens career, which spans more or less 13 years, has given him the chance to arranged, compile and edit music for more than 2000 songs and these were in different languages.

Stephen, who comes from the Palakkad district in Ottapalam, has been showing his talent with the piano since his early adulthood. At this time, he started receiving different opportunities to perform and even work with the best musical artist in India, which include, Zakir Hussain, A.R. Rahman, Hariharan and Amjad Ali Khan to name a few. However, it was not until the last 6 years, when he began performing in Chennai, that he became interested in his vision, to open a professional recording studio and an audio engineering school. His first vision came true when he opened the Musik Lounge Studios in Saligramam. This recording studio is a professional mixing and production studio where artist can record, edit, compile and finish their music. His second vision, the Musik Lounge School of Audio Technology found in Vadapalani, has the latest technology related to audio engineering and production. The school is definitely one of the most updated in the area.

According the Stephen, working in Chennai lets him gain a solid foothold with the Indian film industry, specifically with the music production side. Some of the songs the Malayalam films use are largely made in the Chennai area. Because of the heavy work load the studio has, and the very easy accessibility for performers, Stephen decided to open a school. Enrollees at Stephens audio engineering school are given hands on experience with the music making science. The students also meet professionals and experienced audio engineers. This gives them the change to ask questions about the industry.

According to Stephen, happiness being felt by the listeners is the whole point of music. This happiness can only be achieved if the performer plays what the audience wants to listen to or is expecting to hear. Proper training, whether you are a performer or an audio engineer, is vital since its the only way for you to know if youre making your output correctly and if the people will like it.

The Dangers of Online Shopping – Part I

Nowadays, the Internet is a great place where you can buy nearly everything, from clothes and groceries to technological gadgets or even booking your holiday. It is very convenient, because it saves you time and even money if you compare prices and know how to search for good deals. However, the Internet could also be a very dangerous place, because if you are not careful, you can easily become a victim of an identity theft or lose a lot of money. This article will show you what you need to do in order to stay safe while shopping online.

Clicking Blindly Onto Different Web Sites

If you are searching for a particular item, it is best to check well-known sites such as Amazon or EBay first, instead of blindly clicking to all sorts of web pages. Also don’t leave it for the search engines to pick up a site for you, because they can easily be manipulated by hackers. The experts in online shopping suggest to look if the web site you have opened has any security labels such as VeriSing and Cybertrust or if the appears in the URL on pages which require your personal information when purchasing an item.

Monitor Your Accounts

If you do a lot of online shopping, then it’s imperative that you check your bank account(s) regularly to make sure there aren’t any unauthorised purchases. I was in a similar situation recently when I received an e-mail that I had made a purchase in a shop that I’ve never heard of before. Luckily after contacting them it appear to be only a mistake in the e-mail they sent the receipt to. However, some people are not as luck as I was and they could easily become victims to online thiefs who might do just small purchases on a regular basis and hope that you won’t notice it on your bank statement.

Using Public Wi-Fi Connections

Even if you purchase something simple from a trustworthy sites, such as new pair of shoes or something else like an end of lease cleaning within Melbourne, you must be careful when you do it from a public wi-fi spot. Hackers can use public wireless connections easily to steal your personal information. So, when you are at a hotel or a coffee shop with free internet, be careful. Also, never use a public computer to check your bank account or purchase something.

Gopika Pillai Provide Wedding Makeup Artist In Delhi

Weddings in Delhi have their own beauty and every bride dreams to look stunning and astonishing on the most auspicious day of her life. The best bridal makeup helps to achieve the desired look on the wedding day while keeping in mind that the over makeup can make you look plastic faced. Only a best Wedding make up artist can fulfill this dream.

You should keep in mind that you look naturally beautiful and for that you have the option of choosing the natural makeup to achieve an heavenly look. First thing you should start doing few months before your wedding is to take care of your skin and for that you should drink plenty of water, avoid junk food and opt for healthy eating options.

The next step is the hiring of a professional and well-trained Wedding Makeup Artist in Delhi, at least one month before so that he/she can analyze of your skin and hair and provide you with the best skin and diet regime and give you the best suitable makeup. A good makeup artist always does facial and hair makeup trial beforehand in order to find out the suitable products according to your skin. With all these tests, you can opt what you desire for and choose the best makeup and hair style for yourself.

Another important thing is to show your wedding dress and jewelry to your makeup artist so that he/she can coordinate and arrange your makeup and hair with your wedding attire. Also, it is always best to discuss our choice and taste so that the makeup artist can improve.

Then comes a spray tan, it is also an important makeup tip before your wedding. If you are not naturally tanned, you might look pale in your wedding dress; therefore you can go for a spray tan, a subtle tan a couple of days before your wedding will make you look extraordinarily beautiful.

The wedding makeup starts with the pre-bridal makeup procedure a month before the wedding. The bride gets all the pampering through hair and body spa, facials, pedicure, manicure etc.

These are few important tips which you can make your wedding memorable for lifetime. However, all these makeup tips and efforts of your Best makeup artist in delhi will be waste, if you would feel low or sad on the day, so keep yourself happy and excited about the event. Then, you will notice that your makeup will look definitely enhance your look.

The Good Guitar Accessories To Have

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world and with good reason. It will give you years of pleasure and has been the spark that has ignited many famous rock stars. The road to stardom is long and to begin with there are a few good guitar accessories to have that will make getting there a little easier.

The first thing you will need is a tuner. This is an essential piece of equipment. Learning to tune by ear is an important learning curve that will help you understand tone and notation. But before you do that, you are going to need a little help. A tuner will make sure your instrument is always in perfect pitch. This will help to make the shapes and progressions you are perfecting sound as good as they possibly can.

There are only a certain number of basic chord shapes. A great way to discover new and exciting variations is with a capo. A capo can really turn those basic shapes into new sounds and open up a world of possibility. You basically put it onto any fret of your choosing and strum your basic chords. The only difference will be that the chords will sound higher, fresher and different.

No guitarist is complete without a plectrum. This tiny little piece of plastic is essential. For speed, accuracy and to make playing every day a little easier on your fingers. Classical and folk players prefer to use their fingers, you can as well, but when you start, a plectrum will save you a lot of blisters.

Do not forget to clean your instrument. A fair amount of dirt and grime will gather on your strings after time. If you do not clean them, they will rust and snap much sooner than they should. Professionals prefer to use lemon oil, but shop around. There are many different products you can buy, so see which one you like the best.

When you start to really improve, you might want to check out some of the electrical effects. The world of effects is amazing and it is possible to make any electrical instrument sound like anything you can imagine. But the classic effects are distortion, reverb and delay.

These are just some of the good guitar accessories to have. All of them will help you learn and make the whole process much more fun and easier. Keep practicing, never give up and you may be surprised at how fast you are improving. Who knows, after a few years we may be seeing you on the television and topping the charts.

Read The Success Of Online Shopping Sites In India

Today we live in a world that lives a fast life and the technology that can fast up-grade and connect the common man to the market is a clear success . The age we live in is fast changing and online shopping is fast growing . The market for online shopping in India is getting very common . The convenience to get every thing at your door step has made it hot favorite and online shops in India is the next best quick mall you can visit without stepping out of your house . Today shopping sites in India has attracted a large number of viewers with a great increase of money transaction . Indian people are increasingly getting interested in shopping sites as they can view the product and get instant discounts . The space of Internet has been making human life more and more comfortable with online shopping sites gaining popularity between youngsters.

The businesses houses also see this as a great opportunity to get more customers by introducing shopping sites to attract more people . The one of the biggest advantage of online shopping sites is that they are 24 by 7 active and shopping online is seen as a smarter way to shop as you get know your product better and the price with their discounts are always a benefit when you see it clear in front of you .

The on line shopping today has not reduced the physical distance of you and your product but it has made everything extremely convenient . With easy money transaction to installments to great discounts all of this and much more just sitting on your chair .

The descriptive information about your product and at times you also get to compare the product to related ones that not only helps you understand your product but gives you a proper understanding to your exact choice the range is not limited the on line shopping malls are growing but the viewers are growing even at a faster pace .

The people like the working professionals or a busy school kid all can have what they want were they want the delivery the convince is on of the major factor to have the on line shopping sites grow at such a tremendous pace . The Online world has now become a virtual place were socializing happens the most and shopping is ranked the second were people communicate , advice each other and decide on products to buy o sell online .